Taking Kids Cruising

In the wake of the rescue of a young family stranded at sea with a sick toddler, there's been a media brouhaha about the decision to take their children on a sailboat.  Numerous articles have been written already about risks and rewards, like this beautiful one about raising a child dangerously. All the parents who have brought their kids on boats have had to think hard about what that means, whether they are living aboard in a marina, day sailing, coastal sailing, or crossing oceans.


Photography 101: Tips, Tricks, + Tools to Capture the Best Photos While Cruising

Whether you’re aspiring, pro, or anything in between, the sailing community is ripe with lots of photographers. We’re all shooting (so to speak) towards the same goal -- capturing beautiful images of our cruising adventures so that we can enjoy the memories for years to come (or perhaps sell them and add to our cruising kitty, lol!). 

Whether it’s that mind-blowing sunset you never want to forget or a pod of dolphins frolicking at your bow, having the most expensive gear isn’t really necessary for top-notch photos, (some of my favorite photos have been taken on my iPhone and not my "big" camera), but knowing how to use the tools you have is!


^^some of my all-time favorite photos are from my iPhone, believe it or not!^^
So, tell me…what tips, tricks, or tools have you found most helpful? Do you have a favorite cruising photo?

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Sun Safety

There is nothing that can sour a fun day in the sun than a nice, blistering burn. While some of us have been blessed with skin that browns beautifully without even a slight hint of pink (my captain, for instance), others of us (like myself) are blonde, pretty much as white as they come and covered in freckles. While the sun is not exactly my best friend, I don’t let it stand in the way of my dreams. As sailors and cruisers, spending significant amounts of time in the elements is part of the job description. When we are out sailing the sun’s rays get bounced off the water only amplifying their strength, and when we are out exploring it is often out discovering some beautiful outdoor wonder. Keeping ourselves properly protected is essential to the enjoyment of our journey. 

Below, cruisers’ share how they keep their crews safe and burn free. 


Health Care Experiences Far From Home

Preparing for stitches in Guatemala
(photo courtesy of Matt & Jessica's Sailing Page)

If you're out cruising, it's pretty advisable that you have a good First Aid kit at your disposal.  We aren't always lucky enough to be near a health care center if something goes wrong, or even if we are, standards may not be what we were used to back on land.  When things go wrong, it's not as easy as a quick drive down the road to the med center.

Whether it's a virus traveling around, a finger caught or smashed in one of the many areas possible to do so on a boat, or a lift threatening emergency, health care can get a little bit tougher out on the water.  If you have any experience or stories about health care far away from home, send me a post describing it.


Advice for Freshman Cruisers

Whether you're leaving because you've finally retired, or you're leaving because you're young enough to not care about health insurance, YOU'RE FINALLY LEAVING!  And anyone who has given it even an ounce of thought, knows that the amount of planning is insurmountable.  There is just no way that you can think of every detail and plan for every mishap.  This topic was created to use our MoFi resources and ask for tips.  If you have a post already written about the most important things you learned your first year cruising, great, we'll take it!  If you want to write one dedicated to newbie cruisers (remember, you were a freshman once!) please do!  We are looking for your best tips and tricks anyway you want to hand them to us and hopefully you can save a newbie from a little stress once they set sail.   (Please :)