Beauty, Hygiene, and Body-Care Routines Afloat

Is your routine aboard magical like this? (original art image for sale here)

Is your routine different on the boat than it is/was ashore?  Most likely.  Whether it's due to less space, less water, or just an evolving different set of priorities, it's probably interesting to blog about, and compare thoughts with other bloggers.  Kelley (Sailing Chance) describes some of the ways she tries to preserve just a bit of girliness in a world where function definitely prevails over fashion, while

If you have a blog post about your routine, products, adaptations, we'd love to share it -- contribute a link in the comments below.  And if you're interested in coordinating this topic, post that in the comments as well, and we'll be in touch!

Topic Coordinator: Kelley (Sailing Chance)

Scheduled to post: early July
(Links will still be welcome after the topic is "goes live," but submissions before June 24 would be greatly appreciated!) 


  1. I could coordinate it! I have a blog post on the topic already:

  2. Awesome, Kelley, and thank you! Just included your blog post as our first sample!

  3. I just put up a post on what cosmetics will last the longest in tropical heat and humidity.

  4. Hi Kelley - I did a post on my beauty routine onboard. Although to be fair it is pretty much about my lack of beauty routine :-) I imagine you'll have lots of much more useful links to share with people! Cheers - Ellen

  5. Here's mine:

  6. And another I came across: