A Man, a Plan, a Canal: Panama

Bill and Caroline (s/v Juffa) celebrate a successful transit

In Google Reader, you can "star" posts that you want to save for later.  And when you know you're eventually going to transit the Panama Canal, the transit stories get "starred," right?  So here we are in Shelter Bay Marina, finally, and we'll be heading through the canal as soon as most of the broken things are fixed, so... we're reading all the starred transit stories.  Here are the ones we've collected so far; they're in chronological order, with the most recent transits at the top.  Great pictures, lots of details and advice, a bit of humor and terror mixed in. [5/22/13 - Update: now we're on the other side, getting more broken things fixed, so we're in a prime position to collect new transit posts, since we meet these folks when they pop out on this side.]


Shoppers in a Strange Land

Welcome to Odd-Mart! (Whether they know it or not) our buyers continually scour the globe to bring you an ever-expanding selection of products sure to meet all of your provisioning needs.


Going it Alone

Singlehanders go it alone. What does that mean for them regarding relationships, friendships, and family? Was it a choice or did the other half back out? Would you rather be alone, are you looking for a long-term partner, or perhaps looking for the occasional buddy boat? What are the emotional and practical realities of going it alone in what is often a coupled-up cruising world?

Bruce Glass of s/v Scuttle Butt clips to a jackline for safety when sailing solo
(photo copyright Bruce Glass)

Below are links to a variety of blog posts from singlehanders, some practical, some emotional, some a bit of both, and some just a peek inside a day in the life of a singlehander. It was more difficult than I expected to corral together posts on this topic. Perhaps many singlehanders are too busy doing everything on their own to have time to blog, perhaps many are simply somewhat private, introspective folk not as prone to sharing their life online. In soliciting blog posts by singlehanders I received comments that blogging defeats the purpose of being a singlehander, that singlehanders who blog have an ulterior motive, and that singlehanders who blog sound desperate because they are. I do not think we are all antisocial hermits or desperate; we are, like most liveaboards, unconventional folks who don't readily fit in society's mold.