Living Aboard in Winter

Photo by Helen McAdory

Sure, the most comfortable way to live on your boat in wintertime is to sail it to the tropics in autumn, but not everyone has that luxury.  If instead you stay aboard as the snow flies and the water beneath your hull turns hard, tell us how you make it work!


Does Size Really Matter?

We have all fantasized about a bigger... boat, right?! Be honest. But does size really matter? When utilizing our small spaces to our advantage is the name of the cruising game what's to be said for the size of the ship? Is it really all about the motion in the ocean? Is it really about square footage? Can sailing around the on a 27' boat be just as comfortable as say, a 50' boat? Let's see what you the people, had to say. 

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Protection Against Thieves: What Are Your Safety Precautions?

Permanent markings on a dinghy help deter thieves.
(Photo courtesy of Matt & Jessica's Sailing Page)
It's a sad but true fact.  Any place you travel, there is a chance you might encounter thieves.  They may be after all kinds of different things in varying degrees: your wallet; your outboard, your dinghy, or anything they can get their hands on should they board your boat. What precautions do you take to keep yourself, your belongings and your boat safe?  Whether it's locking everything down, traveling in groups, or staying away from certain locations, almost everyone has some kind of safety plan.  Read below to find out what others are doing, and tips you could pick up for yourself.