Photography 101: Tips, Tricks, + Tools to Capture the Best Photos While Cruising

Whether you’re aspiring, pro, or anything in between, the sailing community is ripe with lots of photographers. We’re all shooting (so to speak) towards the same goal -- capturing beautiful images of our cruising adventures so that we can enjoy the memories for years to come (or perhaps sell them and add to our cruising kitty, lol!). 

Whether it’s that mind-blowing sunset you never want to forget or a pod of dolphins frolicking at your bow, having the most expensive gear isn’t really necessary for top-notch photos, (some of my favorite photos have been taken on my iPhone and not my "big" camera), but knowing how to use the tools you have is!


^^some of my all-time favorite photos are from my iPhone, believe it or not!^^
So, tell me…what tips, tricks, or tools have you found most helpful? Do you have a favorite cruising photo?

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