What I Learned on My First Cruise

Shoals and currents and inlets on the chart can seem quite daunting on your first passage
(Plodding in Paradise

It doesn't matter how much - or how little - experience you had before you set out, there was something, or many somethings, that you didn't expect.  The lessons our bloggers learned on their first trip were in some cases about nautical technique, and in other cases philosophical.

Topic coordinator: Jaye, Life Afloat Archives

After a trip with his family from NY to the Bahamas, Chris (s/v Pelican - Following a Dream) fit himself back into the work world to discover the parallels between cruising and business:

Four years later, Tasha and Ryan (Turf to Surf) took the same route.  She reflected on their growing independence:

Tammy (Plodding In Paradise) was reminded to slow down and look around:

Debbie recounted for Women and Cruising the many things she learned about cruising, and about the cruising community, on her

Thunderstorms were major players for Carl and Carly and their children (s/v Prili) in their

In this brand-new blog, the Mckissick family (Sailing Autumn's Wind) learned the importance of

Ean (More Joy Everywhere) discovered that you can learn as you go: 

And not really a "cruise," but Fred and  Mary (Gimme Shelter) found there were lessons to be learned even on a trip as modest as: 

The first cruise for Terry (Sea Raven Sailing) included headwinds and seasickness, but also whales and dolphins as they went
The memory of lessons Mom taught her while growing up still applied for Carolyn (The Boat Galley) on her first night passage:

Topic coordinator Jaye (Life Afloat Archives) found many life lessons from their first long trip, and advises:

Two new posts on this topic from a MoFi contributor:

Matt and Jessica's (Matt and Jessica's Sailing Page) first year cruising included three months on the hard after an unfortunate incident at an inlet.  Jessica sums it all up

An impressive 9238 nautical miles traveled in their first year gave Brett and Stacey (S/V Bella Vita) a lot of material for their

Kim and Jereme (Laho Wind) recount their maiden voyage:

Cam and Dani (Latitude Adjustment) summarize

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  1. Hey Jaye! Thanks for posting my piece... I completely forgot to email and submit something, so I'm glad my piece was on your radar. Thanks so much for sharing it!

  2. It's a nice set of insights, Tasha; appreciate your taking time to write it out.

  3. Hey guys, didn't get this post in, its the story of Sea Raven's first real outing and my first real trip as captain!

  4. Good story! It's been added, thank you!

  5. A tribute to my mom and how she gave me the confidence for our first overnight passage (albeit on a friend's boat):


    1. This is such a great tribute, Carolyn - I'm sorry you lost your mom at such a young age.

  6. My first single handing experience:

  7. A nice one I just found from a new, and new-to-us blog: http://letitbreeze.com/2016/01/11/10-lessons-learned-from-life-aboard/