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 Let's face it. Our cruising lifestyle is intense. We must be mentally prepared but we must maintain physical strength as well! We spend long days in the elements, we raise sails, lift over sized laundry bags, climb out of our tenders and lug provisions to and fro. BUT we are also blessed with some amazing locations to burn some calories!! We could go for a swim, a hike or a paddle even! Check out what the amazing variety of cruisers do to stay in "Ship Shape!!"

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Rebecca of  Zero to Cruising & StrengthPLUS.ca, can definitely be considered an exception to the cruising fitness rule as she has been incredibly in shape for YEARS!! Meaning: Cruising doesn't make you look like this, ha!

Brittany, Windtraveler, definitely always been super active and staying in shape for her is all part of the fun!

Tasha, Turf to Surf, does a great series on fitness with her travel blog.

Jessica, Project Motor Boat, a traveling yogi who shares the love!

Kim, Yoga Onboard, the original boat yogi ;)

The Life Nomadik, their family voyage includes some peaceful and unique activity.

Devi Sharp wrote an article for All At Sea.

Charlotte and Eric, of Rebel Heart share  success and struggles with staying fit aboard.

Willie has created THE latest cruiser workout sensation, she hosts classes and even wrote a book just for you!!

Ean lends a little comic relief in his post on More Joy Everywhere

Jaye, of Life Afloat gives some tips on how to use everyday items as props for working out!

Bri, of On The Horizon Line, asks herself just what will exercise be like on a boat?

Sailing Bayan companions write about their TRX personal training session aboard in paradise!

This family considers cruising their necessity and there's plenty of hiking along the way!

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  1. s/v Necesse 's look on working out while cruising. We enjoy many hikes, and partake in local or cruiser activities to stay fit as we sail from island to island.