End of Cruising

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The cynical joke is that the two happiest days in a boat-owner's life are the day s/he buys the boat, and the day s/he sells it.  Cruises end for many reasons.  A cruise can end as a kind of "mission accomplished" or completed -- a circumnavigation ends when the boat crosses their outbound track, or a trip that was planned as a one-year sabbatical ends on Day 365.  Or a trip can end in horrific unplanned crisis -- the boat breaks or sinks, health fails or funding runs out.  Or there can be not so much a point or event that ends cruising, as a realization that this isn't the right path anymore.

A group of bloggers honestly tell how their story ends.

Give up the cruising lifestyle?  After ten years aboard, Mike (one of the authors of the collective Write on the Water blog) wonders,

Seeing their new boat find the perfect new owners took a lot of the sting out of selling her for Dolby and Brittany (The Great Mysterious)

Mark and Emily (Roads Less Traveled) plan to continue cruising, but with a major tweak

Plotting the course to get the boat home was the easy part, Laurie (So Many Beaches) realized.  It was the re-entry to land life that she found daunting, and she and Damon began

Norman and Linda (Sail Ariel) cruised for six years, but discovered that they were enjoying the summers spent at the property they had purchased for their post-cruising life more and more, and decided it was

Cruising just stopped being fun anymore for Jane and Ean (More Joy Everywhere), as they explain in

They were interviewed by Sarah (Blue Water Dreaming), who really got to the guts of their decision when they realized they'd have

When  their daughter was born, Scott and Brittany (Windtraveler) continued cruising with just the briefest of breaks.  But their cruising plans took a very abrupt turn when they learned she was pregnant again ... with twins!

After four years of cruising Tammy (Plodding in Paradise) looks at living on land with new eyes as

and she reflects on what she will and won't miss from her cruising days now that she finds herself

One year in, Jessica (Matt & Jessica's Sailing Page) was ready to quit when she decided

A visit reminded Behan that one of the hardest parts of cruising is being away from people you love, as she explains why they decided to hurry the end of their circumnavigation because, simply,

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  1. One year in we were READY to quit cruising, it just wasn't fun for us anymore. We did take a little break from it, sitting in a marina in a few months and doing land travels, but here's a story of when I was fed up and wanted out.


  2. Thanx Jessica, what a story! Posted ;)