On Cruising Friendships

Some people need to have friends around almost all the time, and almost everyone needs friends at least sometimes.  The cruising lifestyle provides lots of opportunities, but are those friendships in some fundamental way different than friendships made when you live on land?

Kyra and Rick (S.V. Nyon) try to categorize the types of friendships they've made

Alex and [Ryan?] (Shalimar's Voyage) learned to live happily without many things, but not without others ... and friendship is one of those

Margaret and Barry (Meps 'n' Barry) thought they won the friendship lottery.  They describe what boat-friends can do when a friend flew half way around the world to help getting their boat ready for launch.

Tammy (PloddingINParadise) calls them "flash friendships," where hours spent together are measured more like dog years in an article she wrote for

Michele (Follow the Horizon) was worried that they'd missed something important in preparing for cruising, so she reached out to someone more experienced and got reassurance with

Brett and Stacey (s/v Bella Vita) compare their land-based friendships to what they experienced of

Sabrina (Wildcat Sailorgirl) reflects on making -- and keeping -- friendships while cruising, and having to say

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