About Us

A Monkey’s Fist is a helping knot.  It’s found usually at the end of a line that one seafarer throws to another.  The weight and bulk of the Monkey’s Fist helps the line to fly over long distances.

Likewise, The Monkey's Fist: Collecting Cruisers' Perspectives is a helping blog: helping to connect bloggers with readers and readers with topics of interest.

The Monkey's Fist  is an outgrowth of a monthly blog hop called Raft-UP. A few of the Raft-UP bloggers decided to start a website to collect our links and organize them by topic.  And then we started thinking - hey! - we can collect links from other bloggers, too!  We can host additional topics and get more people involved!  We can post as often as we want!  The project evolved right before our very eyes.

Anyone can contribute to The Monkey's Fist: by sharing their own blog post on a existing topic, by suggesting a new topic, by coordinating a topic, or by participating in a blog hop.  Stay tuned for further developments, and help us grow!