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People blog for a variety of reasons such as documenting their transition from land life to cruising, sharing technical tips and tricks, recounting their adventures and misadventures, helping others who may follow in their footsteps, and staying connected to friends and family.

Many people are inspired by reading all of the wonderful sailing and cruising blogs out there and want to start blogging themselves, but don't know where to start. Other more experienced bloggers want to take their blog to the next level - perhaps by monetizing their blog, better leveraging social media, increasing their number of followers etc. - but aren't sure how to go about it.

No matter what type of blogger you are or how long you’ve been blogging for, you’re bound to find some great tips, tricks and inspiration from the folks below:

This topic's coordinator, Ellen from The Cynical Sailor, shares her thoughts on the things she wished she would have done differently when she first started blogging (6 Mistakes I Made Starting a Sailing Blog) and ponders what makes certain blog posts popular (What Makes a Blog or Facebook Post Popular).

Jaye shares how she started out blogging about being a liveaboard for a newspaper in Annapolis, transitioning those articles to her own website, Life Alfoat, and the benefits she’s discovered through blogging (A Blog Post about Blogging).

Thinking about setting up a blog before you head off cruising full-time? Check out these great tips and tricks on what platform to use, leveraging social media, how to monetize your blog and more from Viki at Astolabe Sailing (How to Set Up a Blog Before You Go Sailing!).

Byn from Oh Sail Yes describes how she uses Mail Chimp to send a newsletter to their subscribers which lets people click back to their website and explore topics which interest them in more detail (Mail Chimp for Bloggers).

Some people try to monetize their blogs in the hopes that they can make some money to fill up the cruising kitty. Mark from Cygnus III takes a humorous twist on the topic, telling us How Not to Make Money Whilst Sailing.

With his trademark humor, Pat from Bumfuzzle offers tips on How to Write a Cruising Blog, as well as providing a list of his blogging pet peeves.

Windtraveler is one of the most popular cruising blogs out there, so you know that Brittany is the lady to ask when it comes to Tips for the Cruising Blogger. Some great advice ranging from loving your readers, knowing you won’t please everyone and the importance of writing from your heart.

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