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Transitioning to Living Aboard: Land Life vs. Boat Life

Whether you're an old hat at boat living, or you're brand new, whether you live aboard full-time or just take short jaunts... there's a pretty big chance that even if you don't live on land anymore, at some point you have lived on land and know how many differences there are between the landlubber life and the boat life.

When Topic Coordinator Byn was researching boat living, she discovered the boat "language" and had a bit of a learning process trying to figure out what everyone was talking about. 

She compares the many differences between land life and boat life in a series of posts, starting with bathrooms and laundry rooms:

With the huge variety of boats out there, surely there are some interesting stories out there comparing the two lifestyles or just describing the boat life in a way that creates a snapshot or a picture of what this life really looks like for you.  If you have a post (or posts) that help bridge the gap, so to speak, for those who are interested in the cruising life and want to get a bit more detail of the boating life, contribute a link on the topic below!

Topic Coordinator: Byn (Oh Sail Yes)

Scheduled to post: mid-February
(Links will still be welcome after the topic is "goes live," but submissions before February 12 would be greatly appreciated!) 

Liebster Award

Do you remember this chain letter for bloggers that went around last year? Kinda fun, and all about bloggers recognizing other bloggers.  The Liebster Award is a project that promotes the discovery of new blogs.  If you're selected for the "award", you must answer some questions given to you by the blog that selected you, and then also choose other blogs for the award and give them some questions to answer.  

Here's the list of questions that topic coordinator Jaye had to answer when Paul and Debra of Latitude 43 nominated her for the

Did your blog receive a Liebster award? Post a link in the comments below, and we'll include it. If you haven't gotten one yet, consider this your invitation! Check out the questions in the above post, write a post on your blog with the answers and nominate some other bloggers with questions of you own. Then give us the link to your post in the comments below. 

Topic Coordinator: Jaye (Life Afloat) 

Scheduled to post: early February
(Links will still be welcome after the topic is "goes live," but submissions before Feb 2 would be greatly appreciated!)

Costs of Cruising

The standard answer when someone asks, "What does cruising cost?" is "Whatever you've got." Amusing, perhaps, but not very helpful to someone who's trying to figure out what it's going to take for them to be able to live this particular dream.  Fortunately several bloggers have published what they actually spend.  While this is incredibly helpful, you also need to know a bit about their life circumstances, location, boat type, and style.   Almost four years ago, Jaye first described their

and reports that since that blog post, these numbers have been remarkably consistent to today.

The best approach to planning your own cruising costs might be to read numerous posts from different bloggers, so we're trying to compile a range here at Monkey's Fist. If you have a blog post about your costs to cruise, we'd love to share it -- contribute a link in the comments below.  

Topic Coordinator: Ellen (The Cynical Sailor)

Scheduled to post: early April

(Links will still be welcome after the topic is "goes live," but submissions before March 30 would be greatly appreciated!)