Kids as Crew

Here at The Monkey's Fist, our goal is to continually provide a place for newbies, wanna-be's, dreamers and planners to find information from real cruisers with experience. The topic "Kids as Crew" explores what it's like to have our children aboard and what types of jobs, responsibilities and chores they assume. Because like my mother always said, "Why do you think I had three girls? So, I'd never have to do the dishes again!!"
Topic Coordinator: Jessica (Project Motor Boat)

Jessica discusses Gia's 4 Favorite Jobs on M/V Felicity (Project Motor Boat)

This post (Sarah, Escape on Cape) summarizes a recent big passage - spoiler alert: the kids and their watch-standing responsibilities are on the "Good" list!

Brittany of Windtraveler, muses about her 8 month old daughter, Isla, finding her purpose on the boat.

Laureen, the excellent adventure, recounts a few incidents where the children exhibit their knowledge and respect for the sea and the responsibility that comes with navigation!

Nadine Slavinski wrote an article for Women and Cruising with a video!

Women and Cruising's Cruising Children Speak, offers a glimpse into what children who grew up aboard have to say of their experiences. These personal accounts are moving and inspiring; even our very own Monkey, Jane Behr, writes!

Andy wrote a special post for The Monkey's Fist, detailing the responsibilities of 11-year-old Madi and 7-year-old Peyton:

More kids aboard a catamaran on s/v Perry, and they show us what they are capable of:

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  1. While this is not a subject we can really add to, we don't have kids. There is an article on this subject in the new Cruising World that we got yesterday. Might be another source of some good information.

    Fair winds,