More Moving Aboard Transitions

Photo from The Life Nomadik 
Wow!  We got so many great responses to our first call for blog posts on moving aboard, that we decided to make a second post!  Here are more stories written by folks who are in that confusing, high-energy period as they became new liveaboards.

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An RV made an interesting practice run for the downsizing and compromises of a sailboat, and helped them learn where to skimp and where not to, according to SailNet poster "mikecoder3" in this guest post:

Not exactly a blog, but some careful analysis of the risks and pitfalls when

After a fire, they decided to turn something bad into an opportunity to go for their dream, explained Steve Pike in this guest post from SailNet.  Even though his wife didn't know how to swim, they ended up on

A sailing background isn't as important as commitment to a dream and imagination.  First they moved from their house in Canada into an RV, then into a catamaran (The Life Nomadik: Chronicles of a Lunatic Voyage):

After some ups and downs, Jon and Arline (Ericson 36c Kasidah) were excited to announce that they were new liveaboards, and started their adventure just a few months later:

Getting a new boat involves mixed feelings if you've got memories tangled in the old one (Gimme Shelter):

Leigh (Living the Life Aquatic) compared what she thought she would need when first moving aboard, with what she actually did need:

Barb and EW (Harts at Sea) found living aboard easier than renovating their seaside fixer-upper house:

After four months aboard, Tammy (Things We Did Today) finds that the transition has been easy:

The first time Lynn (s/v Celebration) set foot on a sailboat was the day she moved aboard, so it's no wonder she was asked:

Stacey (s/v Bella Vita) characterized three aspects of moving aboard: the good, the bad, and the ugly:

Jessica (Project Motor Boat, Sailors Switched to Power) had never even heard of people living on boats ... until she became one:

Following your dreams isn't quite as realistic as other people make it sound, discovered Diane (Ceilydh Set Sail):

The practicalities of moving aboard were one thing, but Behan (Sailing With Totem - a Family's Nomadic Journey) discovered that they also needed to make the boat feel, well, homey:

Jaye (Life Afloat Archives) was afraid to explain her living arrangements to her new boss:
Byn (Oh Sail Yes!) shows both sides of the coin of her family's experience moving aboard:

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  1. I own a small marina in SW Florida (Prosperity Pointe)and enjoy having live aboards in our facility. My experience has been that people with NO history of boating have an extremely hard time of transitioning to the live aboard lifestyle. It is a minimalistic lifestyle but you either like it or don't....there is not much middle ground.

  2. We've been through this twice now, first downsizing into an RV full-time and then, after expanding onto a sailboat to split our time between our RV and our boat, we moved off the boat completely and downsized into our RV a second time. It isn't easy to give up all that stuff, but making your dreams come true is worth every effort.