Anchoring: Tips, Tricks and Tales

Anchoring: Ultimately the reason we go cruising; to get away from land. To be "anchored out" is to be self sufficient, separate from the amenities of land and to enjoy the world that surrounds us on a shoestring budget. Yet, anchoring is a touchy subject for many, there are endless forum posts and articles written about how to, why not and what for so we went looking for real salts - the ones who rely on their anchors day after day, in bay after bay - to weigh in on the subject!

Topic Coordinator: Jessica (Project Motor Boat)

Commuter Cruiser has an extensive list of posts regarding this topic!

Women and Cruising posted Sherry from Soggy Paws' article on the one thing that will keep her up at night!

Further review of Sherry's blog gave me this post:

Rebel Heart share a few tales of new gear and when boats drag.

SV Estrellita 5.10b show us what most cruisers dream of, tying off to shore.

Project Motor Boat discuss the importance of anchor selection.

Gimme Shelter gives readers an account of their first night anchored out.

Sea Raven discuss a scary situation, their anchor gets stuck and bends the dolphin striker!

PacificSailors share their lessons learned; check your anchor, set alarms and be aware!

Zero to Cruising! give an excellent description of their anchoring process.

Sailing Journey use sewing skills to show us how they mark their chain and rode.

 Ceilydh Sets Sail gives great tips on chain maintenance and tales of what happens when we don't expect the unexpected.

The Spray Logs: authors recount their experience of their moored boat that broke free!

Deneen and Greg were so frustrated by their anchoring problems that they designed and manufactured a new anchor and started a company.  Deneen shares the story behind Mantus Anchors and offers expert advice about maximizing the performance of your anchor.

When you have anchoring "issues" with another boater, as Harmony (Take to the Sea) explains, you try SO hard to be polite about it.  In the moment, it may be quite painful, but afterwards you get to write a funny blog post about it that every cruiser can relate to.

Rolling hills; sure! Rolling anchorages; HECK NO! Windtraveler shares how they made  a swell bridle to slow the roll:

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  1. Jeff aboard SV Serenity recounts our passive-aggressive response when a when a boat anchors right on top of us at Isla Isabel.


    1. Survival of the politest - HA! I think Serenity won that round. So calm and cool (on the outside).

  2. We prefer to hang on the hook, but in Hopetown you have to moor, and we had a tough time leaving the mooring field there. Sometimes, mooring really is best: http://sophiasailing.com/2015/12/12/leaving-hopetown-land-of-the-lotus/