Warning! Cruising May Have Side Effects!

Whether you are a new Live-Aboard or a seasoned Cruiser with many miles beneath your keel, you've probably experienced changes or "Side Effects" brought on by the Lifestyle.  The obvious ones are changes in health, both physical and mental, reduced stress, previously undiscovered hobbies and interests, etc.  In the links we have collected here, bloggers have written about both the common and the unexpected side effects of cruising.

Topic Coordinator: Tammy, 
Things we did today

Tammy of Things we did today has noticed some unexpected changes, now that she is living aboard.

Jane and Ean (S/V More Joy Everywhere) have become Bi-Polar Behrs.  Reading this frenetic post explaining why it can have side effects of it's own!

Paul shares some of his unexpected side effects discovered after his recent move aboard S/V Kelly Nicole:

Deborah shares a thought provoking perspective with Three Sheets: Northwest.   “It’s just hell. The yachting magazines don’t tell you about this. It’s just ‘buy this stuff and it’s going to be wonderful,’ and it is. It’s truly wonderful.  “But coming back, for some of us, is difficult.”

In our mind's eye... we can see it.  You and your choice of companion, setting sail, enjoying sunsets, dancing in the moonlight on a secluded shore, frolicking in the waves...  But BEWARE... that FROLICKING can GET YOU!  We all have expectations!  And then there of those, like on Rebel Heart, who just keep on "Expecting"...

Not all Side Effects occur "out there"... Even those still in the preparation stages are experiencing them.  No one is immune to these side effects, not even Bailey Boat Cat!

Jan on Winterlude shares the many things she didn't expect from cruising in her post on Commuter Cruiser.  Jan and her husband start all over every year as they spend half at home and half on their sailboat. 

See what New Blogger on the Scene, Genevieve has learned about her Cruising life aboard Necesse.  Her candid views are spot on as she tells it like it is.  If you are an experienced Cruiser, you'll totally get her... if you're a Newbie or still dreamin', This is how it is!

Celebrate the Side Effects with Alex and David aboard Banyan as they mark their First Cruising Anniversary!  They made it from Canada to Grenada and WOW have they changed!

After five years of cruising, two sailboats and three babies... Brittany on Asante has noticed a WHOLE LOTTA side effects.  Read about them here!

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