Relationships on Board

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Living on a small boat, being full time with a significant other or a young family, presents unique challenges to a relationship.  These bloggers have found ways to make it work and shared their insights.

Posted by: Jaye, The "Life Afloat" Archives

Jessica (Project Motor Boat) identifies sources of tension

Lynn (s/v Celebration) says she and Steve had  no idea what we were getting into with the boat or in terms of 'us' as they lived

Steph (Norna's News) describes how she maintains all sorts of relationships -- with husband Andy, with other cruisers, and with friends and family back home in the U.K.

Tammy (Things We Did Today) is eager to spend 24/7 time with husband Bruce as she looks forward to cruising:

Communication, compromise, and complete honesty are key for Stacey (s/v Bella Vita) as she and Brett deal with:

After 25 years of marriage including 8 years of living aboard at the dock including Maine winters, Barb (Harts at Sea) found that year 26 -- the year she and EW cut the docklines -- was a challenge they learned a lot from:

Diane (Ceilydh Sets Sail) and her family finally learned how to be together full-time, while still being themselves:

Kyra (S.V. Nyon) and Rick balance the ups and downs every day by making:

Living on a boat in paradise quickly puts into perspective and fights that might occasionally erupt for Verena and Mike (Pacific Sailors):

Dave (You, Me, and the D) has some very specific tips for how he and Jenny continue:

Behan (Sailing With Totem) has learned that her family all need different things to stay in emotional balance:

Tammy (Plodding IN Paradise) has learned that honesty and self-reflection go a long way toward sustaining:

Among other relationship insights, Leigh (Living the Life Aquatic) has learned that she and Shannan relax in different ways, and this understanding is helpful for:

Sara (Sailing Wondertime) has evolved tips and tricks to keep their young family:

Topic coordinator Jaye (The "Life Afloat" Archives) and husband Dan are co-captains; in a post for Women and Cruising she describes how they maintain their:

Brittany and Scott (Windtraveler) were already pretty well adapted to living in close quarters when they moved aboard and began cruising, but still, she says, they had their "moments," which led her to provide these tips:

Even before they started cruising, Ellen (The Cynical Sailor and His Salty Sidekick) started thinking about relationships aboard in general and specific, and then tried a little post-cruise analysis

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  1. Here is a post I wrote on the subject :) http://www.windtraveler.net/2013/04/there-must-be-50-ways-to-leave-your.html

  2. Nice summary Brittany! Thanx for contributing it.

  3. Hi - here is a post that I wrote on starting to think through our "ways of sailing" together as a couple as we get ready to start cruising full-time next month. Thanks - Ellen


    1. And here is a follow-up post I wrote on relationships following our time cruising in New Zealand.


  4. Two excellent posts, Ellen -- sorry I missed them for so long. Adding them now!