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“Mayday, mayday, mayday, this is the Master Baitor.  We are taking on water.” 
As we sailed along, listening to this distress call and the interaction with the local Coasties, all I could think of is if this boat owner ever envisioned having to call in a mayday with that boat name.  Sure, he probably got a couple of laughs from his fishing buddies about the name.  He may even have giggled a little to himself when he calls a marina or a friend calls him on the VHF.  But did he ever consider how his boat name would sound in this situation?

Collecting bad boat names has become something of a hobby for my Bride and me.  We like to snap a quick photo of them.  Here are a couple of our favorites:

When we purchased our Catalina she was named “Norm’s Place”.  We knew that wouldn’t do for us plus the seller wanted to keep the name for his next boat.  When we started to come up with names we had several concerns in mind:

·         How would the name sound over the radio in a distress call.  We didn’t want the name to add to any confusion in an already stressful time.
·         We wanted a traditional name in that it was named after a woman.
·         We wanted the name to be fun and have meaning to us. 

Here is the story of our name: s/v Smitty.
Topic coordinator: Jesse, s/v Smitty

Boat US publishes a list of the most popular boat names each since 1991. Its interesting that names like Windsong and Serenity have fallen out of favor for names like Aquaholic and Nauti Buoy.

At Messing About in Sailboats, they share their thoughts on some

On Landfall Voyages, they have their own story of hearing an interesting boat name over the VHF.

At the Write On the Water blog, they elicited the support of their readers to help come up with a new name for their boat.

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The Bumfuzzles share their take on boat names in a article from Sail feed.

On More Joy Everywhere they have their own take on what your boat name says about you.

At Women Who Live On Rocks the numerous boat names that have been observed in the British Virgin Islands are discussed with a wish for more creativity.

At Tidal Life, Tom and Nancy discuss boat names as they prepare for their big move from Whidbey Island on the Washington coast to their boat Sunshine located in Massachusetts.

Melody and Chris on s/v Vacilando tell the story of their first boat, the

The crew of Necesse, (Its OUR Necessity) a 1989 41-foot Morgan Classic, share the reason
  Behind the Name that is often mistaken for Neccie or Necessie the Loch Ness Monster.

The soon-to-be cruisers, Mike and Amy, (Síochána) shown their Irish heritage with their future boat name,
  • Síochána. (Congrats on the ASA-101 Certification, you'll be on the water in no time!)

Brittany and Scott (Windtraveler) talk about the importance of boat names.

The Cynical Sailor talk about offensive boat names in

This Florida sailor (Cruising Aboard s/v Blondie-Dog) has a tradition of naming his boats after his pets.

Tammy and Bruce (Things We Did Today) discuss their boat's name and why they choose it

Jereme, Kim and Oliver (you gotta include the dogs!) talk about their renaming

The Skelton Crew (their last name not a misspelling) talk about their "corny" boat name

On the s/v Second Star they decided to not keep the lewd name that came with their boat

Carol and Livia tell the story of how roses, mountain climbing and a marriage proposal influenced their boat name

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Behan shares the evolution of their current boat name, and the

Kimberly looks back to ancient mythologies when explaining

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  1. Great post!

    We wrote a post about how we renamed our boat name (from Ms. Roxy to LAHO), and I really really hope we don't become known as the "ho's" one day. lol!!! :)


    s/v LAHO

  2. Hi there! Great post. We were not so keen about our boat name when we bought her but after finding out more about it it helped us make our decision to keep it. http://www.skeltoncrew.com/2013/04/the-name-game.html


  3. We have a post also.


    S/V Second Star

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