The Liebster Award!

Do you remember this chain letter for bloggers that went around last year? Kinda fun, and all about bloggers recognizing other bloggers.  The Liebster Award is a project that promotes the discovery of new blogs.  If you're selected for the "award", you must answer some questions given to you by the blog that selected you, and then also choose other blogs for the award and give them some questions to answer.

Here's the list of questions that topic coordinator Jaye had to answer when Paul and Debra of Latitude 43 nominated her for the

Did your blog receive a Liebster award? Post a link in the comments below, and we'll include it. If you haven't gotten one yet, consider this your invitation! Check out the questions in the above post, write a post on your blog with the answers and nominate some other bloggers with questions of you own. Then give us the link to your post in the comments below.

Topic Coordinator: Jaye (Life Afloat)

Scheduled to post: early February
(Links will still be welcome after the topic is "goes live," but submissions before Feb 2 would be greatly appreciated!)


  1. Here's a link to our Liebster Award post -

  2. Thanx! Love your quirky answers to the general interview-style questions.

  3. Hi, I have not contributed to Monkey Fist before, but I do have a Liebster Award post if it is of interest:

  4. Sorry for the delay; we were out of country and then it just fell off my radar. Cute post ... I especially relate to the scanning of photos project!

  5. Ah! I finally found WiFi again :) I did the Liebster post the other day because I had serious writer's block. Here's mine