Living Aboard in Winter

Photo by Helen McAdory

Sure, the most comfortable way to live on your boat in wintertime is to sail it to the tropics in autumn, but not everyone has that luxury.  If instead you stay aboard as the snow flies and the water beneath your hull turns hard, tell us how you make it work!

Topic Coordinator: Jaye (Life Afloat Archives)

Matt and Liz (To the Edges of the Earth) are living aboard on the hard, under a tent, in a boatyard in Annapolis, Maryland, working on their wooden boat and finding that many things are more complicated

"Strathy" (We Live on a Boat) lived aboard year round in Canada with his young family, and posted often about the challenges:

Novelist and liveaboard Courtney Kirchoff wondered about being warm and dry for her first winter aboard in the Seattle area:

Some unexpected boat issues kept Nancy and Tom (Tidal Life) aboard in Boston for the winter, but like all winters, it eventually gave way to warmer weather:

Living on a boat year-round, not all days are sunshine in late July, as "Stormy" (Art of Hookie) tells

And sometimes you just make it up as you go, says Nita (simpleliving-3), and survive

How about living aboard through a winter in Maine?  Barb (Harts at Sea) gives an overview in this video:
and here's a

Topic coordinator Jaye and husband Dan (Life Afloat Archives) shrink-wrapped their boat, and found it a perfect metaphor for how they get through the season -- by

Commenter "boatbaby" and her young family (Zach Aboard) has lived aboard for 15 Chesapeake winters and offered these 5 picture-laden posts:

Jill and Tim and their dog Toby (From OJ to the Ocean) moved aboard just in time for Superstorm Sandy and a winter in New England and tell the story in words and pictures in this:

Finally, prepping the charts for the upcoming cruising season is the sign that the season is changing for the Zartman family (Cruising with the Zartman Family) as

The pull of sailing outweighs the discomfort, Maria (The Spray Logs) explains, as she describes a 3-day outing.  But winter aboard also means and condensation battles:

SV Estrellita 5.10B goes south for the winter, and even better than being warm, Livia appreciates being

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  1. I have lived aboard through (gasp) 15 winters now. That is just a little crazy. There were a few in there where we escaped by sea or air, but still based on our boat in the winter. Here are a handful of links to wintering posts.






  2. Great evocative pictures! Thanx for this contribution.

  3. My first winter after leaving the cold and condensation of Canada. Going South does work!