Does Size Really Matter?

We have all fantasized about a bigger... boat, right?! Be honest. But does size really matter? When utilizing our small spaces to our advantage is the name of the cruising game what's to be said for the size of the ship? Is it really all about the motion in the ocean? Is it really about square footage? Can sailing around the on a 27' boat be just as comfortable as say, a 50' boat? Let's see what you the people, had to say. 

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Topic Coordinator: Jessica (Project Motor Boat)

Melody on S/V Vacilando explains her excitement on storage space when moving up from a Tartan 27' to their current boat, a Cal 35'.

Jessica (moi) of Project Motor Boat asks the age-old question and gives us Five Reasons Why the search for a sailboat with 3 "true" cabins landed them with (dun, dun, dun)... a power boat!

Brittany of Windtraveler has several blog posts on the topic.

Mike on Zero to Cruising! writes about Big Cats: Catamarans, that is!

Jesse K of s/v Smitty describes all the features that make "The Right Boat", for them!

Jessica on S/V Serendipity and TMF: Topic Coordinator writes on MJSailing about their move from a "weekender" to a "cruiser" and a visit to the Annapolis Boat Show that brings the realization that 34' is plenty big!

Alan, author of Art Of Hookie, describes why a smaller boat reaps larger rewards!

Tammy of Things we did today offer us a glimpse into the boats they've had, a good "he said, she said" and how they compromised themselves into their "Last Boat"! (I've said that before!)

 Chris from San Juan Sufficiency moved up in size from a 25' Buccaneer to a 40' Cruise-A-Home!!

Melissa, Little Cunning Plan, allows us to see inside their thought process as they are romanced by a huge, gorgeous old boat.

A great little article gives us insight as to what exactly changed when this couple, Beth & Evan went up ten feet!

Mike, Síochána, writes about how size does and doesn't matter on land as well as on sea.

Ellen, The Cynical Sailor and His Salty Sidekick, compares boat shopping to jeans shopping - you want to buy a boat that doesn't make your "bum" look big!

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  1. Looks like I was a few seconds too late for submission! ;-)

    Here's my article:



    Chris Troutner

  2. Hey Chris, our topics always remain open indefinitely so there's no such thing as "too late." Thanx for contributing your thoughts!

  3. While a bigger boat might be nice for more storage and more space for multiple people, I like my little boat and wouldn't want anything right now.

  4. I have an entry! I'm just getting it together but here it is!

    1. I love your post. I live on a 34' C&C (or will again when we go cruising this July) and I'm always talking about wanting a bigger boat - a 40' would be nice. BUT, S/V Changes is paid for - and if we got a bigger boat, would postpone our cruising. My husband is 18 years older so time is a factor in being able to go out again. So I will live on the boat we have and always pine for a bigger one.

      Lorraine Dolsen

    2. Lorrain, you definitely have to do what's right for you in the end, no matter what kind of crazy advice you get. We were able to swing it by getting a super great deal on our boat and hanging out here for a while longer. We could have left more than a year ago if we hadn't done so.

      My husband is 21 years older than me and I feel that clock ticking every day... you never know... maybe you'll find out that you don't NEED a bigger boat, and all of those people will be right! Thanks for hanging out with us and see you out there!


  5. HEY all - Thank you so much for your links! I will continue to add them as they come in! Never too late, never too early, bring it on! Glad we have had so much participation! Don't forget to add our button to your blog and we will add you to our list of contributors!

  6. Not really about boat size [since we're still looking], but here's our post about downsizing from a 4 bedroom house to a 1 bedroom apartment!



    1. Thanks Mike - when you're on land and filling up the cruising kitty, size definitely matters.

  7. Hi - not sure if you're still adding new posts but here is our take on what size boat we'll be looking for when we upsize next year.


    Thanks - Ellen

    1. Always room for more - especially when you bring the funny. :)

  8. this reading list made me think of a photo I snapped in Rockport, Maine (overnight dockage $200/ft See HBR Master) - its embedded in this post about our travels with our (very) little boat. sometimes smaller is better and hey, ya gotta start somewhere.