Protection Against Thieves: What Are Your Safety Precautions?

Permanent markings on a dinghy help deter thieves.
(Photo courtesy of Matt & Jessica's Sailing Page)
It's a sad but true fact.  Any place you travel, there is a chance you might encounter thieves.  They may be after all kinds of different things in varying degrees: your wallet; your outboard, your dinghy, or anything they can get their hands on should they board your boat. What precautions do you take to keep yourself, your belongings and your boat safe?  Whether it's locking everything down, traveling in groups, or staying away from certain locations, almost everyone has some kind of safety plan.  Read below to find out what others are doing, and tips you could pick up for yourself.
Topic coordinator: Jessica (Matt and Jessica's Sailing Page)

 Jessica from Matt & Jessica's Sailing Page talks about precautions they use to keep their dinghy and boat secure from lurking eyes.

Brittany on Windtraveler walks through the steps she took to deface her outboard and make sure it stands out in a crowd.

For Zero to Cruising, stumbling upon a couple that just had their dinghy stolen made them take extra prudence to keep their own safe.

An unfortunate robbery on Commuter Cruiser made them think about what they could have done to prevent it, and what they plan on doing differently in the future to make sure it doesn't happen again.  They also make a great list on tips on how to make sure your dinghy and it's contents don't get taken.

According to Yacht Security, dinghy theft is on the rise in Grenada, and anything that's not locked up may get taken.  For more tips on personal security for cruisers, check out the site which is filled with "Instructions on how you can best protect your yacht, your family and crew":

Suzanne (Orbis Non Sufficit) talks about self-defense for the singlehander:

Jessica (Project Motor Boat) writes about the importance of being able to hoist your dinghy out of the water:

Rio Dulce Boats gives tips on how thieves go about trying to get your outboard, and the steps you can take from preventing them from getting it.:

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  1. I run a blog on this topic - www.yachtsecurity.yachtblogs.com.
    Please take a look and provide feedback. Thank you.

  2. Don, thanks for all the great information! I've added a few of your links above, one to a specific dinghy theft topic and one to your site in general. Lots of great information in there for safety while cruising!

  3. Here's a post on my blog about self-defense aboard. http://orbisnonsufficit.blogspot.com/2013/03/trust-your-gut.html

    1. Scary story, Suzanne. (I added it to the post.)

    2. Thank you so much Jane, I was finally able to gain access to the site tonight. Ugh, international internet connections...

      And thank you Suzanne, great information!!

  4. Here is a link to our friend's webpage. http://riodulceboats.com/tips.htm#DINGHY

  5. Thanks for the link Felicity, there's a lot of helpful tips in there, the link is now up.