Young Cruisers

A group of 30-something cruisers, enjoying the spoils of Jamaica.
(Photo courtesy of s/v Tamarisk)

This topic is all about the 40 and under crowd.  The ones that said, "I'm not going to wait for retirement before I fulfill my dreams of sailing off into the sunset.  Nay, I'm not even going to wait for my 40th birthday to roll around before doing it."  All of us that have done this fall into the 'young cruiser' category, and sadly, the least represented one out on the high seas.  Being so young, we're usually the newbies out there.  The ones just figuring it out for the first time.  Making mistakes and learning, but hopefully, having a ball while we do it.

This topic is meant to inspire new young cruisers.  Telling the how and why of, well, how and why other young cruisers are out or getting ready.  Have any great stories of being the odd one out due to your age?  We'd love to hear that too.

Topic coordinator:  Jessica (MJ Sailing)

Jessica (Matt & Jessica's Sailing Page) talks about what pushed her and her husband towards cruising while just turning 30, and also, how she sometimes gets mistaken as a week long charter cruiser due to her young age.

Leah of with Brio talks about how her and her husband constantly get asked the question of 'How old are you?!', but to them, spending time with any cruiser, regardless of age, always results in a great time. 

For Dani (Sundowner Sails Again), there were a lot of different things she wanted to grow up into, but traveler, and through this, cruiser, seems to be the one that stuck.  There may be sideways glances from family, friends and strangers, of the decision to do this at a young age, but for Dani and Tate, life is a gamble and the rewards of cruising seem well worth the risk.  

Katie and Jesse (Katie & Jessie on a Boat), receive a very touching comment that they have shared on their blog, from a previous younger cruiser who stated that taking off in his youth helped define everything he did in his future.   

An interview with novelist Torre de Roche (Love With a Chance of Drowning) describes how she had a tremendous fear of deep waters, yet at age 26, hopped on a 32 ft boat to sail the South Pacific with her boyfriend.  (Interview courtesy of Kim of So Many Places)

Back when Brittany and Scott were just starting out (Windtraveler) they were more than happy to find that although they thought they'd be the only cruisers out there under 50, there were people their age who also agreed that life is too short and one should shape their own destiny instead of waiting for it to happen.

Harmony (Take to the Sea) outlines what her and her husband Jeff did to buy their boat in full and save up a cruising kitty to last them about two years.  She's also included a detailed account of their monthly expenses while cruising in California and Mexico.

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  1. We're 3 x 25 year olds setting off to do the World ARC in 2015. We're based out of San Francisco. If anyone else is thinking of doing something similar, in the same area, similar age and lifestyle, we'd love to meet! We currently have a boat out of Pier 39. xemi1988 at gmail.com

  2. It's not a specific post but most of the self-interviews at newlysalted.blogspot.com are from young cruisers.

  3. Thanks for the info SV Estrellia, I'll make sure to check them out. :)