Advice for Freshman Cruisers

Whether you're leaving because you've finally retired, or you're leaving because you're young enough to not care about health insurance, YOU'RE FINALLY LEAVING!  And anyone who has given it even an ounce of thought, knows that the amount of planning is insurmountable.  There is just no way that you can think of every detail and plan for every mishap.  This topic was created to use our MoFi resources and ask for tips.  If you have a post already written about the most important things you learned your first year cruising, great, we'll take it!  If you want to write one dedicated to newbie cruisers (remember, you were a freshman once!) please do!  We are looking for your best tips and tricks anyway you want to hand them to us and hopefully you can save a newbie from a little stress once they set sail.   (Please :)

Thanks MJ Sailing for our first entry, If I Knew Then What I Know Now: One Year In!  Keep 'em coming!

Brittany from Windtraveler comes in at #2 with a Top Ten!  10 Things Freshman Cruisers Should Know Before Shoving Off.

Life Afloat wins for sweetest title: Dear Ducklings, with lots of good ICW tips and a promise for more on Facebook!  How cute, we're ducklings!  Quack!

This one is going to make you cry!  Beautiful Tammy from Plodding in Paradise, writes the most inspiring and validating post for newbies like us, A Word for New Cruisers.

Maria and Patrick from The Spray Logs give a reality check in this excellent practical advice in their First Year Reflections.

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