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Cruisers are hardy folks. We have to be, because we live in a space the size of a small garden shed, and it galumphs around like a mechanical bull. Let's just say, it's an environment that's not big on creature comforts. But we cruisers are also creative and crafty sorts, expert life hackers, who like to share our ideas.

This Monkey's Fist topic started when I blogged, as part of my Tammy's Top Ten Things series, about things that make my life onboard easier, things like a good, old-fashioned ice pack, creative use of hair bands and static cling window film. I posted my Top Ten on the Women Who Sail Facebook page, and others decided to play along. We've ended up with a brilliant sailing hacks starter kit for new cruisers and some fresh ideas that even the saltiest among us can adopt.
Topic Coordinator: Tammy K. (ploddinginparadise)

Every new cruiser should start with Carolyn of The Boat Galley's list, which obviously comes from a seasoned cruiser (yes, a pun, but an apt one). This foundational list answers many of the "should-we" questions that are difficult to answer if you haven't been out there, about the dinghy, power needs, anchors and mattresses. And then she adds her top ten galley list!

Jaye at Life Afloat offers creative storage tips, clever hacks and the perfect container for laundry quarters that I bet you already have onboard.

Don't forget to pack the Museum Putty! If you don't know what that is, Brittany at Windtraveler can help with her ultra-specific Top Ten with another ten thrown in as a bonus.

Laurie at So Many Beaches gives us an uber-list of tips, 39 by my count, that she has divided by gender, species (as in canine), marine, galley, etc.

It's a Necessity is making life easier on a boat with two children (two adorable girls), from a playpen to iPads to a front-loading refrigerator!

Jesse on s/v Smitty focuses on comfort and entertainment: he gives us the folding steering wheel -- and you know you've hankered after that one. He also explains his budget version of an iPod/iPhone dock with remote.

Janet Lee from Adventure Us 2 gets down to the basics of life, not just the basics of life onboard -- including Twizzlers.

Tammy of Things we did today takes a creative turn on things that make her life better, comparing land comforts with the aquatic ones. She poses the question, "Am I a Princess?" You decide!

Lorraine on ChangesGoingSouth keeps life flowing with removable fiddles and something from Pampered Chef.

The good ship Cambria  is gadget central, sonic toothbrushes, a heated mattress pad and a hydronic heating system, just for starters.

Alissa on A2B2Sea employs mast steps, a whopper anchor and a blender to keep the smooth in sailing.

Kim (LahoWind) describes some very boat-friendly galley gear.

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    I think the title says it all . . . fifteen things that make our life easier on the water.

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  4. Some more great thoughts: http://www.sailingchance.com/blog/smart-boat-organization-hacks