Did We Leave That Behind?

On s/v More Joy Everywhere, CATS are the big space-wasters

"Wow, this boat is so much bigger than our house!" said no cruiser, ever. If there's one thing cruisers have in common, it's that we gave up a lot to do this: not just our relationships and our careers, but our stuff. Every thing that was culled fell victim to a sometimes painful decision-making process. In this post, our bloggers discuss how they decided what "made the cut." (Thanks to Steph of s/v Norna Biron for the title of this post.)

This was a Raft-UP topic in December 2012.

Jane (more JOY everywhere!) reveals her biggest "space splurge."

The more stuff you have on board, the harder it is to find, says Behan (Sailing with Totem).

Steph (Norna's News) recalls the move aboard process.  Some of the things she left behind she later found that she wanted.

From Tammy (plodding in paradise) - things I should have left behind, and things I wish I'd brought.

Things you can have on board if you live on a motor boat, by Jessica (Project Motor Boat).

Stacey (S/V Bella Vita) writes, "The largest amount of space on our boat is devoted to boat parts."

The first post is a reflective piece about the strong emotions that we attach to our "stuff;" the second is a review of things that fit on a boat; and the third, as its title implies, is a "how-to." (Jaye, Life Afloat Archives).

Verena (PacificSailors) shares her S.P.A.C.E. formula for organizing.

Space limitations are even more severe for Brianna (On the Horizon Line), since she and Rob are traveling on other people's boats (and by land).

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