Is There Jif in Vanuatu?

From S/V Bella Vita: If ya gotta have Grey Poupon, better bring it with.

"Old Mother Hubbard went to her cupboard...And when she got there, the cupboard was bare..." Or maybe not.  When it comes to provisioning, our bloggers explain that there are a lot more options than the weevil-y hardtack and grog that sailors survived on in the olden days.

This was a Raft-UP topic in November 2012.

Steph (Norna's News) reflects on the foods she bought when they first departed, setting up a system, her favorite galley gadgets ... and a proper British cup of tea:

How does it feel to be leaving all of the foods we know and love and the comfort of shopping at familiar places? Stacey, (S/V Bella Vita) describes it:

Sometimes, advises Behan (Sailing with Totem), we over-think and over-provision:

Once you admit that neither one of you really likes to cook, you start to provision for the way you actually eat (Ean, more JOY everywhere!):

Lynn is very organized in the provisions department on s/v Celebration:

Provisioning might be "a mad dash to stock upon food items as if preparing for an apocalypse" on Project Motor Boat, but Jessica has some rather straightforward suggestions going in to the

Making the grocery list was the easy part for Jaye (Life Afloat):

The things you most need to provision aren't really what you think, and aren't limited to food, Verena (PacificSailors) learned:

Also, it goes without saying (almost) that for EXPERT, best-in-class advice about provisioning, you should consult The Boat Galley.  To download a provisioning spreadsheet that Carolyn of The Boat Galley recently shared on Cruisers Forum, click here:

Laurie (So Many Beaches) has a spreadsheet, does cost comparisons, and considers labels, packaging, weight, storage, and more.

Stephanie (S.V. Cambria) shares provisioning tips as she prepares for six months in British Columbia.  Her goal: to buy only fresh veg and meat while cruising (and chocolate, of course).

The title says it all: LONG passage, MANY mouths to feed.  But Brianna (On the Horizon Line) takes on the challenge and has some good advice:

Julie (Matthew & Julie Sail Away) shares a great tip for dry storage - instead of expensive "tupperware" type solutions:

After cruising the Bahamas, Tasha (Turf to Surf) reviews her provisioning coulda-woulda-shouldas.  One important point: support local economies!

Here are some Bahamas-specific recommendations - things to buy in the US, things to buy in the Bahamas, and other good advice - and you can take a peek at Moondance's provisioning list (a downloadable word document):

In this "numbers" post, Livia  provides details on how long various fresh foods lasted during SV Estrellita 5.10b's voyage from Mexico to the Marquesas:

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  1. My provisioning spreadsheet, in prep for 3 months at sea:

    1. Thanks Laurie!! How's the peanut butter holding out? We're down to the last mega-jar of Jif that we bought in Florida....

  2. A blog I (Stephanie)recently wrote about provisioning for our upcoming six-month cruise in British Columbia.


    1. Stephanie - you sound SUPER squared away, and I love the idea of making several trips - buy a little, store a little, instead of doing it all in one go.

  3. Hi there at Monkey's Fist! Just wrote a regretful post about provisioning and would love to add it here!


  4. Got it - thanks Tasha! I love your point about supporting local economies.