What Are You Afraid Of?

Tammy (plodding in paradise) describes fear as a many-headed beast

Mariners have always known it: life at sea has its dangers. Things can happen out here. We take every precaution to make sure they don't, but still.... In this collection of posts, our bloggers write candidly about their fears, great and small, and a few that might surprise you.

This was a Raft-UP topic, October 2012.

Behan's fears (Sailing with Totem) have changed over the course of her cruising career. These days, she's most concerned about the kinds of events that can't be planned around.

Steph (Norna's News) points out that sometimes it's not what you don't know that'll scare you, but what you do.

Tammy (plodding in paradise) acknowledges that some--but not all--types of fear can be her friends.

An inconvenient accident for most could be a deadly mistake for Ean (more JOY everywhere!).

Stacey (S/V Bella Vita) worries not just about what they could be heading off into, but about what they might be leaving behind.

Lynn (s/v Celebration) confesses to some rather unique "normal" fears, but remains undaunted by them all.

Diane (Ceilydh Sets Sail) wishes she were fearless...maybe.  And in the second post, she describes her strategies for handling strong emotions on the high seas:

Some cruisers bring their fears with them when they head out to sea; Jaye (Life Afloat Archives) discusses a few she's acquired along the way.

Cruising first as a kid and then as an adult, fear is something that Verena (PacificSailors) has grown into, which may be for the best.

For Karen (Toast Floats), five is the magic number. Five--plus a cat--lets her sleep at night. Five lets her live.

The best remedy for fear?  Experience, says Holli (sv Shiloh).

Laurie (So Many Beaches) reminds us: There are old sailors and bold sailors - but not so many old, bold sailors.

Jessica (Project Motor Boat) responds to news of a sailing tragedy in the Pacific by confronting a deep and abiding fear:

Torre (The Fearful Adventurer) had to overcome her fear of the ocean in order to sail across it:

No matter how many miles you've done as crew for someone else, it's different when it's your own boat, says Maria (The Spray Logs):

According to Blondie-Dog, the perils of the sea extend to dinghy trips from boat to dock and back.  Channel markers can pop out of nowhere, and seagulls may attack at any moment. [Coordinator's note: I would like to see a disclaimer at the end of this post, along the lines of: "No seagulls were harmed in the making of this sea story."  One must hope.]

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  1. Some thoughts on my passage-making jitters, after a rough crossing last year:

    1. Thanks Laurie - like you, I appreciate the honesty and think it's important to "be real" about this stuff - it ain't all sunsets and umbrella drinks!

    2. Thanks, Jane! I've really loved all those sailors who calmly understand and relate to the risks we run out there. And, those who press on :)

  2. What a great topic, I don't know if I have ever written about it but I am deathly afraid of water :(...

    1. Did you read the link from more JOY everywhere? My hubby is also afraid of water. Let us know if you decide to write about it.

    2. Jane, how do you deal with that? My husband absolutely refuses to get on a sailboat, and it is my life-dream. I would love to hear from you personally. SusanGSP@hushmail.com.


  3. At this point after near death experiences with health, motorcycle wreck, car wrecks, etc Not much scares me any more except the fear that I won't quite make it out to the beloved sea on my own vessel. Hoping Karma, God, time and fate are kind enough to give me safer passage to reach this one last goal.... Namaste!

    1. Yikes! Stay safe, and don't let the dream die!

  4. Incessant lightning strikes while undersail can indeed make a believer out of a non-believer in but an instant, but a flock of attacking angry birds can leave one on edge for days on end.

    1. If you didn't have photographic evidence, I wouldn't believe it.

  5. This is a topic that just keeps speaking to me for some reason ! Here are our latest fears inspired by our upcoming first "solo" multi-day offshore passage across the (infamous) Bay of Biscaye between France and Spain. http://spraylogs.blogspot.fr/2014/05/offhore-fears-du-jour.html