Moving Aboard: Transitions

People move onto boats for a surprising variety of reasons: to live close to nature, to go cruising and see the world, to save money, and more.  The practical aspects of the transition were, in many cases, easier to manage than the emotional.  (Contributions are listed in alphabetical order by blog name.)
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Topic Coordinator: Jaye (Life Afloat Archives)

Buying a house, says Phil (The Anthology of A Cenoura) is basically deciding where you want to live for the rest of your life.  Having a sailboat-cum-bachelor pad is so much freer:

Alan (Art of Hookie) had some false starts in his journey to find the perfect boat, and it involved living on the hard for over 700 days.

Courtney (Courtney Kirchoff: A Novelist) didn’t need a lot of planning and things fell into place rapidly:

Chris (From Land to Liveaboard) decided he needed to simplify his life ... and moving aboard was just the way to do it:

"[Y]ou only get one life to live and wouldn’t you love to do something extraordinary with it?" asks Jessica (Matt and Jessica's Sailing Page) as she answers questions

Two Naval Academy grads blogging as 007 and Octopussy (s/v Octopussy) answer the call to adventure in two parts

As roadblocks to their dream keep appearing, Cheryl (Mid-Life Cruising) is maintaining her focus and positive attitude.

Suzanne (Orbis Non Sufficit) found her priorities changing after just six weeks aboard:

Jennifer (s/v Perry) moved aboard a month ago.  The downsizing aspect of the move was easier for her than it was for Matt.

Tammy (Plodding To Paradise) discovered that figuring out the essential gear to move aboard the boat is fairly straightforward, but it took the sentimental pieces to turn it into a home.

Monica (Savannah) played a game to help her son figure out how to get rid of things

A Caribbean cruise - and the desire to hang out in warm weather - inspired Diane (Sea Casa) and husband Paul:

Jesse (s/v Smitty) was shocked to learn how much trash they'd accumulated, when they did their ...

Another Tammy (Things We Did Today) sees moving aboard as the beginning of a life that makes them happy.

A job layoff prompted Tim (Tim & Kathy on Carina Liveaboard Blog) to move aboard.  He warns that his blog is not very current, but he answered some questions in an

“Nothing is guaranteed,” realized another Chris (Vacilando) after Sept 11. 2001:

Claudia (Vitamin D) is another woman who found her attitude toward her possessions changing as she prepared to move aboard:

Brittany (Windtraveler) posts about both the practical, and the emotional, aspects of moving aboard:

Topic coordinator Jaye first wrote about people living "On the Cusp of a Dream" in an article for the Annapolis Capital in 2011.

Newly added posts:

Sarah (Blue Water Dreaming) is willing to trade the continuity, security and shelter of her possessions for the ability to be spontaneous.  She's just not sure

Kelley (Sailing Chance) and Jason are trading the hustle and bustle of New York City for an opportunity to experience the simplicity of life afloat.  After cruising the Caribbean, they intend to open an eco-hostel, she said in an

Jeff (s/v Echo) talks about the mixed feelings and changes as they entered the next chapter of their lives.

Chris and his wife (San Juan Sufficiency) have three big reasons they're cutting their land ties.

Brianna (On the Horizon Line) is reminded that launching a new life - however wonderful - comes with fear and loss.

Karen and Jim found that many people asked them questions about "how" they were going to make living aboard and traveling work, but few people thought to ask "why:"

Deciding to be a liveaboard while sitting in a car with a cup of Starbucks coffee (Cruising aboard S/V Blondie-Dog):

Nancy (Tidal Life) admits to butterflies in her stomach as she prepares to move aboard, but sees it as a good sign.

We got so many submissions for this one that we started a second post! Click here to read More Moving Aboard Transitions.

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  1. Hi,
    A while ago I wrote a post on the emotional challenges and realisations that came of packing all that we owned and moving aboard. I hope you find it a worthy link for this page.

  2. It's great, Sarah! Off to check your blog and find out what you're up to recently.

  3. My wife and I are in the middle of transitioning to life aboard our boat. Our reasons for doing so are multifaced. I tried to capture them as best as I could on this blog post:


    I hope you enjoy. Fair winds!

    Chris Troutner

  4. My wife and I are in the middle of transitioning to the full-time liveaboard and cruising lifestyle. Our reasons for doing so are multifaceted and hard to nail down, however, I took my best stab at it in this blog post:


    I hope you enjoy it. Fair winds!

    Chris Troutner

  5. Great post, Chris! Thanx for sharing it.

  6. I posted a blog awhile back about the transition of moving aboard from a woman's perspective on our blog, Vacilando, titled "Does Size Matter". I talk about the reasons I was hesitant to move aboard, then the absolute sense of freedom I felt after I was honest with myself and took the plunge. I haven't regretted a thing since!


  7. I remember reading that when you first posted it - both funny and insightful. Jessica has a topic in development for MoFi called, ironically, "Does Size Really Matter" so I'm also forwarding your link to her.

    And thanx for reading and for your contributions!

  8. Here's my contribution for moving aboard transitions:

  9. Love it! Your post inspired all kinds of philosophizing about whether it's better if you start out knowing what you're looking for, or just letting life happen along the way.

  10. I recently wrote about this - tried to come at it from a humorous perspective, listing what I THOUGHT I would need, compared to what I really WOULD need: http://www.livingthelifeaquatic.com/raft-up-moving-aboard/.

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