What Do Cruisers DO All Day?

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"what cruisers do" on s/v Totem

Contrary to popular belief, living aboard doesn't have to be all work and no play. Here are some of the ways cruisers spend their spare time. Spoiler Alert: reading is a biggie.  (Thanks to Behan, s/v Totem, for title of this post.)

This was a Raft-UP topic in June 2012.

Tammy (plodding in paradise) finds that living on a boat has changed her perspective about the meaning of "work" and "play."

Ean (more JOY everywhere!) conducts a survey and discovers that when it comes to hobbies on board, small is better.

Lynn (s/v Celebration) thinks locally and realizes that remaining flexible is key.

Steph and her crew (Norna's News) don't think of them as hobbies, necessarily, but their activities vary with the seasons, among other things.

For Jaye's family (Life Afloat Archives), an interest in history and a penchant for exploring new things take the place of a regular hobby.

Dave and his wife, Mary Margaret (LeuCat), share a love of learning and adventure which help to blur the line between "chore" and "hobby."

Behan (Sailing with Totem) loves to explore the world and get a little crafty with her kids.

Dana (Northfork) discusses how her new life has impacted her old ways of looking at leisure.

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