Are We Sailors or Travelers?

This way?  or That way?  (Jaye, Life Afloat Archives)

"Sailors or travelers?"  Sailing is more about the journey - do you enjoy your time at sea?  Traveling is more about the destination - is it the ports that you look forward to?  Are the passages your passion, or are they just a way to get from point A to point B?  Cruisers mostly agree that they enjoy both the sailing and the traveling; but the question is: which way do you lean?  Are you a seafarer who travels, or a traveler who sails to get there?

This was a Raft-UP topic in July 2012.

Jane (more JOY everywhere!) notes that each has things to offer the other:

The more Steph (Norna's News) learns about sailing, the less the difference matters:

Sailing and traveling are two halves of an indivisible whole life for Behan (Sailing with Totem):

Sailing can be magical, says Jessica, (Project Motorboat) but it's the traveling that keeps them "going":

Tammy and Chip (plodding in paradise): one of each with pronounced leanings--toward the other:

Jaye (Life Afloat Archives) envisions sailing and traveling as parts a virtuous cycle each, in turn, enhancing the experience of the other:
Oh, wait, on second thought:

Diane (Ceilydh Sets Sail)  answers the question by taking the third way:

Lynn and Steve (s/v Celebration) put a lot of thought into the question for their "she says/he says" response:

Stacey (S/V Bella Vita) sees sailing as a new and wonderful way to an old and enduring end:

While unabashedly proclaiming herself a traveler, Dana (Northfork) acknowledges that there are benefits to the life aquatic:

Tasha (turf to surf) starts by comparing the Bahamas to the Dominican Republic and ends up learning about the difference between sailing and traveling:

On SV Estrellita 5.10b, they identify not as sailors, not as travelers - not even as cruisers!

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